Friday, December 26, 2008

It's time to go into the music business!

We've all seen the doom and gloom stories that chronicle the demise of the music industry in the internet age. It is true that CD sales are in sharp decline, profit margins are evaporating and deals for new artists are few and far between. Certainly, the availability of free, if not legal, music online has dramatically impacted these trends. While revenue from digital downloads at sites like iTunes, Amazon and emusic are increasing, they are not offsetting the losses on the physical product side. Taking all of these facts into account, I can say with complete confidence, "Now is the time to go into the music business!"

If my conclusion sounds counter intuitive to the facts at hand, I will simply say, "Go to YouTube." First, go to the Most Viewed > Today page. Count the number of music videos out of the 20 displayed... you'll be lucky to find one or two. (I sound crazier by the minute!) Next, go to the Most Viewed > This Week page and do the same count... what's the total... four, maybe five? (Still sounds crazy!) Now check out the Most Viewed > This Month. Probably somewhere around half of the videos are music related. (What?) I'm sure you've guessed the next step, go to the Most Viewed > All Time page. You should see somewhere between 12-15 of the 20 offerings are music videos.(How can this be?!)

While a Dramatic Prairie Dog may become the flavor of the day on YouTube, fame can be fleeting. Music videos, on the other hand, become staples. People watch them repeatedly. Viewers build playlists filled with their favorite songs and let them run in the background at work, or as they fall asleep at night. Undoubtedly, some of these fans go to iTunes and download favorites for their iPods.

Imagine a world where you received a penny for every view of a music video... and your music video had 10 million views... go ahead, click on your calculators... I'll wait. That's right...$100,000! Not bad for one video. I know what you're thinking, "Only major artists would get that popular." Ever heard of Mia Rose? Check out her version of Brian Adams' "Heaven" ... 11,652,137 views and counting. At one cent per view that's $116,521.37! As of the writing of this blog Mia Rose has a total of 70,797,341 views over the breadth of her 33 videos... yes, at a penny a play that would equal $707,973.41! Of course... you'd have to pay the royalties... and buy a cheap camcorder.

Friday, August 8, 2008

A Message in a Bottle

The realities of launching a company in the New Media world demand that investment be small if profits are ever to be realized. That's not to say that there aren't significant numbers of well financed start-ups out there, but capital and profit are two dramatically different things. A company can never be truly healthy if it requires constant infusions of investor capital.

What's the proper amount of capital needed to launch a New Media company... and then keep it afloat on the cyber-seas until it reaches a point where it can plant its flag on solid ground? Each venture is different, but I believe the guiding principle to be: Less is More. In fact... nothing, is best. Obviously, most companies can't survive on nothing, but the longer they can stay as close as possible to that mark, the more likely they are to discover a treasure chest of success on the other end of their journey.

I've just launched MIGHTYBIGMEDIA, a content creation company, and you're more than welcome to stowaway on the maiden voyage. Keep a lookout posted... and check back every so often. This is just the first message in a bottle.


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