Friday, August 8, 2008

A Message in a Bottle

The realities of launching a company in the New Media world demand that investment be small if profits are ever to be realized. That's not to say that there aren't significant numbers of well financed start-ups out there, but capital and profit are two dramatically different things. A company can never be truly healthy if it requires constant infusions of investor capital.

What's the proper amount of capital needed to launch a New Media company... and then keep it afloat on the cyber-seas until it reaches a point where it can plant its flag on solid ground? Each venture is different, but I believe the guiding principle to be: Less is More. In fact... nothing, is best. Obviously, most companies can't survive on nothing, but the longer they can stay as close as possible to that mark, the more likely they are to discover a treasure chest of success on the other end of their journey.

I've just launched MIGHTYBIGMEDIA, a content creation company, and you're more than welcome to stowaway on the maiden voyage. Keep a lookout posted... and check back every so often. This is just the first message in a bottle.

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