Monday, May 18, 2009

The No-Age Music Movement

When is the last time an "old" new artist burst upon the scene? Not a previously successful artist with a new project, but an artist over the age of 30 with a first release. Go ahead... I'll wait.

Most of my contemporaries love to listen to the music of yesterday. It's a very pleasurable experience: steeped in nostalgia and devoid of challenge. I'm not ashamed to admit that I also like to revisit the classics from time to time but to be completely honest, I simply can't take too much of it. It's boring. I prefer hearing something unexpected, something captivating... something new. But why does "new" have to be synonymous with "young".

Yes, when Rock 'n' Roll began it was youth personified: one part energy, one part rebellion and one part sex... OK, maybe two parts sex. It was created by kids, for kids and let's face it... "adults" just didn't get it. Somewhere along the rocky road, however, all of that changed. Rock 'n' Roll never got old, and the generation that invented it never really grew up.

So, why are there no "old" new artists? The answer is simple... record companies won't allow it. Those corporate keepers of the gate who have, for too long, set the agenda, regulated radio and controlled the marketplace have repeatedly just said, "No!" How would they market it, and more importantly, how would record executives look hanging out with people their own age? Yikes! Still, there's good news, bad news and disturbing news.

The good news: record companies are dying fast! Digital music and the internet have conspired to dethrone the old guard and it's working.

The bad news: they aren't dead yet and they still have complete control of radio. Also, as they flail around in their dance of death, they can potentiality inflict a lot of damage through the reams of bad legislation they are lobbying for in Washington (check out

The disturbing news: None of the indie labels are doing much to break down Rock 'n' Roll's age barrier. There are lots of new artists getting exposure these days but virtually none over the age of 30.

It's time for a new movement in music... the no-age movement. A collective realization that music, even Rock 'n' Roll, has no inherent age. What we need is a mighty mass of music lovers, who don't care if a new artist is six or sixty, demanding choice. Oh, and one true indie visionary with the balls to say, "It starts here... it starts now!"


The Vincible Man said...

you're never to old to Rock Out with your C-ck Out!

there are myriad talented musicians over the age of 30 who've not received their "big break".

Damn the Man, save the Empire!

Matt said...

Agreed. Some of the best things come with age, so why can't an original artist be the same.

Besides, some of those young artists aren't so good.

Mike said...

Someday when I get old and grouchy I'll complain about how the world has gone to hell in a hand-basket. It's something that's always true, but about which we can do nothing except to not go quietly. Let's hear some new songs. Let's dance the night away. Let's pretend that it's starting all over again.


Ryan said...

I hate the majors! They'll never stop discriminating based on age.